Pair of 19th Century Antique Linen Grain Pillows with Monograms

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Lovely pair of grain feed sack pillows from Europe. We custom-made these out of the original antique feed sacks, with zipper closure and overlocked edges. The fronts are a soft pale oatmeal color with pale Swedish blue stripes and original monograming. The backs are of antique French linen, a heavy weight, very soft and also an oatmeal color. All items have been pre washed, clean and ready to use. These printed sacks were individually marked over a century ago, using a tar based stenciling with last and first names of the owner, sometimes his title or profession, the village or hamlet he lived or worked in and usually the year. Not only is the fabric antique or vintage, but the stencil, the calligraphy is original to the product, making it a more rare and valuable textile. Condition: Good. These antique textiles may have small markings, original patches, hand stitching, which lends to the characteristics of these pillows. Freshly washed, and softened, ready to use. Wear consistent with age and use.

  • H 20 in. x D 20 in.
  • Sold As A Pair