Antique French Arm Chair in Original Painted Finish and White Linen

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Antique French armchair in original painted finish and white linen. This chair is painted in a putty grey tone, it is the perfect natural linen taupe color, with subtle distressing that is natural from original wear. The cane is beautiful bleached color, there is one chair with an area where it has a small flaw, but it is very hard to see. The other chair cane is perfect. The flaw is located on the back of the chair next to the right facing arm. The linen is ultra-pure white, with foam core seats, ballet tie legs, and a mini pleated box ruffle that we sew by hand. The arms are upholstered in the same white linen, with custom slip covers made for each arm. The chairs are solid and sturdy, can stand everyday use.


  • 25″ D x 26″ W x 36″ H
  • Seat height 20″
  • Seat depth 20″
  • Arm height 27″
  • Sold Individually, Only 1 left!

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