Cannes Tall Iron Drink Table in Iron Finish or Brass Finish





Cannes tall iron drink table in iron finish or brass finish Inspired by the antique version, this tall drink table is forged iron with a round table top. Offered in either the dark iron finish, or antique brass colored finish. Made in the USA, custom designed by Full Bloom Cottage Inc. Use with the Cannes short table. (also shown in this listing) This is the Cannes tall table that features 2 rings in the center of the base and 1 ring at the top of the legs. With all handmade items, surfaces have texture or unsmooth finish. This adds uniqueness to each hand finished piece. Cannes tall table features 2 rings on the center of the stem, and 1 at the top of the legs. 

Measures: 12″ W x 12″ D x 26″ H